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Monday, 9 January 2017


Every since I was a kid I've loved BIG winter storms. Maybe it was the hope that school would be cancelled, or the fun of catching a car's bumper for a ride down the street, but the bigger the storm the more fun for a kid.

Tomorrow we are to get another 20 cm of snow, we shall see but we are ready.

Today we took a walk down to the lake.

It was shrouded in mist from the storm passing through. Really just a dusting of snow compared to what we can expect tomorrow.

Lots of snowmobile tracks up through the boat launch. This is a popular trail in winter and it has been well used so far this winter.

Tomorrow I doubt we will see the far side of the lake.

Safe travels everyone and be careful on those roads tomorrow.


  1. I've always loved walking in snowstorms too Art. I think it's the "Man against Nature" thing or something about my ancestry (on Mum's side). They pioneered in Carnarvon. Built their own homes, farmed, hunted/guided, logged and made maple syrup, etc.

  2. Hi Lori;
    It has been a great winter for storms up here. Still waiting to have one keep us snow bound for 4 days but that hasn't happened yet. Neighbours here are very good to come to our rescue if needed. Snowshoeing through the bush after a storm is magical. We are already thinking maple syrup and it is at least 2 months away. Enjoy the day. Art