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Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Any idea what this is? It's a high potency herb that has many excellent properties. It's also very easy to grow and harvest indoors.

What you see Mary holding are the roots from one stem of the plant grown in our kitchen over the past 8 months and harvested yesterday. Know the answer? If you guessed turmeric, you are right.

Mary boils it on the stove along with some ginger to make a morning tea. She adds a teaspoon of raw honey and some lemon to the tea. It is delicious and oh so healthy.

Turmeric production is far easier than ginger and as shown here yields much more produce for the same space. I think we will switch to growing more turmeric and buy our ginger at the grocery store where it is plentiful and inexpensive.

Finally starting to get some winter weather today. Snow is falling and I may need to plow the driveway later.

Safe travels everyone.


  1. Cool! Aren't tumeric and ginger part of the same family? I think we saw the plants in Florida and got them confused. Nice job though. I wish we could grow it. Lots of garlic in the garden though.

  2. Hi Cory and Laurel;

    You are right, part of the same family but turmeric has a lot more ingredients that are beneficial to the body. Do you get enough garlic for the year from your garden?