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Monday, 7 December 2015


Community suppers are very popular up here. Last weekend we took Sherri and Owen to McArthur's Mills for their annual Christmas supper. It was our first visit and the food was "homemade" and delicious.

Owen was well behaved and enjoyed supper along with us. After he was done eating he took my camera and walked around taking pictures, that was a first.

This is Owen's picture of the serving table. Lots of choices and everything was hot. You served yourself and could go back for seconds if needed. It wasn't needed but I went back anyway.

Another Owen shot. I need to teach him not to cut off people's heads. I think he must have taken 30 pictures which is no big deal, unlike the old slide film I grew up on where every click meant a processing fee. 

It was a great evening and now it was time to kiss and go home.

Another mild foggy day here. We are off to town shortly to get supplies and visit the doctor. 

Enjoy your day and safe travels.

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