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Friday 24 October 2014


Time together is precious at this stage in my life. I love having my children, sisters, sisters-in-laws and brothers-in-law visit whenever they can.

This week my sister Sharon and her husband Doug were up for a few days. The weather was perfect and we had a great time. 

We gave them a tour of the place including our very special "girls".

Walked the forest every day.

Went to town and checked out the stores.

Doug and Mathew installed a drainage line. Thanks guys.

The ladies enjoyed a perfect fall afternoon.

One final walk and the visit was over.

We've had perfect fall weather and although the leaves are now on the ground the forest walks were still beautiful especially with the temperature hovering around 16*C.

Thanks Sharon and Doug it was great to have some time together.


  1. OH I do wish I could arrange for a visit. My life may not be as productive as yours BUT we seem to be insanely did we ever find time to work ?? Beware I may soon be there !!!

    1. Come before the snow makes it impossible!