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Monday 6 October 2014


Yesterday we had three couples tour our house during the Natural House Tour. This tour gives people interested in building super efficient homes and living off grid a chance to talk with folks who have already done it.

Three couples came with their clipboards full of questions and took notes as we explained how the systems in our house work. They asked great questions and often asked us to demonstrate what we were trying to explain. Their usual length of stay was a little over an hour and we hope the tour helped them solidify some of their thoughts and plans for future building. 

It was a most rewarding day for us as we got to share something we are very proud of and passionate about.

At the end of the tour Lori and Doug dropped by. They toured our house last spring and it was good to get caught up on their news and hear about the homes they visited on the tour.

Sorry, no pictures, too busy talking and explaining.

Of course we spent Friday and Saturday cleaning the house and getting ready for the tour. We did find time to tag a bunch of maple trees we want to tap this spring. Here Mary ties the band of tape to one, necessary as we can't easily identify the trees when the leaves are off. Don't want to collect sap from a poplar tree thinking it is a maple.

The leaves are starting to fall and with all the wet weather we are expecting this week I know that most will be on the ground by Saturday. Sad, but a necessary part of the changing seasons.

Safe travels everyone, it's always good to hear from you.

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