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Friday, 22 August 2014


Yesterday Owen was up at 5 and driving the bobcat at 7:30. Today he is still asleep and it is 6:30. I guess we tuckered him out yesterday.

Owen loves to help Oma drive the bobcat.

They moved some dirt and smoothed out the road.

Then it was time to go to town for groceries and a walk through the "Dollar" store. Every two year old loves the Dollar store.

Before we got to town Owen fell fast asleep. I drove Mary around and stayed with Owen while she did the shopping. We didn't come home until Owen woke up and we could take him to the Dollar store. 

Back home it was playtime.

If we see the sun today we are going down to the lake. Owen loves to play on the beach and throw sticks into the water. Doesn't take much to entertain little ones, just sand and water and they are happy.

Enjoy the day and safe travels Tony.

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  1. YES they love both. I actually prefer the water....not quite as messy. This morning when I was not looking young Mason found our winter storage of sand which we keep handy for slippery walkways. By the time I found him he had dumped lots on our laundry room floor, the back porch floor and my kitchen. Hmmmmm That is why we keep a good sized tub nearby for water play. Much preferred by Grandma LOL. They are so so adorable. Can't believe our wee Neil is off to school next week. Sob Sob.