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Saturday, 30 August 2014


The Bancroft Quilt Show will run September 20th and 21st which isn't that far away.

As expected this is a busy time for Mary. She has a number of quilts ready for the show but would like to get this one finished and entered as well.

The quilt is now on the quilting frame which allows the quilter to quilt or attach the top, bottom and middle together by stitching a pattern into the quilt top.

The pattern can be seen by clicking on the picture above. Many quilters use a machine that runs off a computer program to complete this stage of the project. A computerized quilting machine isn't cheap so I guess we will stick with this setup. My grandmother made quilts by hand with a group of friends sitting around the frame stitching the pieces together; slow meticulous work.

Here Mary guides the machine back and forth and side to side as she does the pattern freehand on the quilt.

She is able to do about 14 inches of quilt at a time before she needs to stop and roll the quilt for the next pass.

Be sure to stop by the Bancroft curling club to see all the quilts on display September 20th and 21st.

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