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Wednesday 6 August 2014


When you live in the bush and get 80-90% of your winter heat from wood then your log-splitter becomes a very important tool.

Yesterday it was time to change the oil and make a few repairs.

The hydraulic hose you see above had developed a slow leak and needed to be replaced. I also replaced the filter when I had everything else apart.

This line is for draining the oil in the engine. It was the first modification I made to the machine once I had it assembled. The drain plug was up inside the metal box and very awkward to get at. I simply attached this tap and plastic line to the oil outlet making the yearly replacement of engine oil so much easier.

Everything is back in place and the machine is splitting logs once again just as it was designed to do. The old oil and filter will be taken to the hazardous waste collection this weekend and that will be another job done until next year.

No shortage of jobs to do before winter arrives. Next I need to replace the oil in the generator. I should do that today so I can get rid of the old oil on Saturday.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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