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Sunday, 22 July 2018


Owen's cousins were spending the weekend in Algonquin and since we needed to deliver four bottles of maple syrup to Meaghan we decided to join them.

Sand and water and they were busy and happy for the day.

Time on the water was special too. Can you see the yellow cord attached to the floating chairs? If they got too far out we could easily pull them in.

Back at our campsite Owen cooked his own lunch. Since there was a fire ban in the park he used our propane stove to do the cooking. They were so delicious he ate three.

After a short, very short, nap it was back to the beach to build sandcastles with Oma.

Every sandcastle needs water and Owen was happy to get soaked on such a hot day.

This morning he had to have two cups of coffee (hot-chocolate) before we packed and headed for home. He tried to show a sad face but kept giggling every time I took a picture.

It was the best two days of summer so far for us and I'm sure great memories for Owen.

Oh, about the maple syrup for Meaghan; it's still here, forgotten in the excitement of packing Friday. Hopefully we will remember to give it to her mom when she visits in a few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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