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Saturday, 9 December 2017


Brought our new trailer home yesterday. It's an all aluminum cargo trailer, 7x16 with duel axles and brakes on every wheel.

The walls and ceiling are insulated and it has a 30 amp shore power connection.

Right now it is just an empty box but over the winter we will install the kitchen cabinets and counter, bed platform and vinyl flooring. Hopefully come May we are on the road heading somewhere.

We bought our trailer at Action Trailer near Strathroy, Ontario; great folks to deal with and Brad made sure everything was secure before we left. It was bitterly cold that day so I was glad to get back in the truck and on the road home.

Farming is the main occupation and the area is flat, reminds me of driving across the prairies.

I took the slow route home which sent me through many small towns. This is typical view of many older downtown main streets throughout Ontario.

Do you recognize this structure? At one time they dotted the landscape but today they are a relic of the past. This was called a Drive-In and was popular in the 50s and 60s when people got in their car and drove over to the "Drive-In" to watch the latest movie.

By the time I got home I was driving in this. Our cottage road was the worst and the trailer started to go sideways but I got it straightened  and home safely. Always good to have a new winter project.


  1. Interesting new project for you! I'll be watching....

  2. We will be watching your progress closely. This is something Doug always talked about doing too.

  3. Hi Lori;

    Don't expect much reporting for a while; just too cold to work outside. We will begin collecting materials, drawing plans and securing expert help as needed. I expect sometime near the end of March we will start the actual build. Until then we will be snowshoeing and ice-fishing and enjoying our Canadian winter.