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Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Today winter arrived full force. I've plowed our driveway twice and it is still snowing. This is the way I like to spend winter,

Most of the day has been spent indoors. Here chaga tea is boiling on our wood stove.  You can also see a pot full of soup and a kettle for dishes (my job).

While the tea steeped and the soup simmered Mary was busy on the sewing machine. Now she is roasting nuts and melting chocolate as I type.

Outside our firewood for next year is stacked and ready when needed;

our trailer waits for warmer days when a new floor will be installed 

and our lane-way has been plowed twice and ashes scattered on the hill. 

Of course the best job of the day ............................... licking out the chocolate bowl.

Hope you are warm and safe.

Thanks for stopping by.

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