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Monday, 20 February 2017


Today is a holiday in Ontario but not all of Canada; it's called "family Day" It has been a perfect weekend for a holiday with daytime temperatures above freezing and lots of folks up at their cottages.

I've used up my internet quota for this month and the Xplornet puts you on slow mode. This is really noticeable when you try to download a movie or document; so no pictures today.

Mary spent last week in Toronto seeing doctors and getting an MRI done. All went well and she will return March 1st to see the radiologist.

Her cousin Trudy arrives from BC March 1st and will be here for most of the month. Trudy is so very easy to have visit as she makes few requests and is happy to go with the flow. She does want to try ice-fishing and making maple syrup while here so we will put those two on the agenda.

Connie (Mary's sister) is planning a family gathering while Trudy is here and it will be fun to see everyone in a few weeks.

We are hoping that Owen will come and visit for a few days during March Break. That's when the schools close for a week and the kids get a break from their studies.  Of course Owen is in junior kindergarten where the only subject is play followed by lunch then recess; one of my favourite years in school.

Although Owen is only four he told his mom last week that he knows everything and is almost grown up. He also reminded her that spring is almost here and his birthday is in spring. Oh to have a four year old's view on life. It's a great age.

Enjoy your day and I'll post again next week when I'm back to full speed with our internet connection.

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