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Saturday, 11 February 2017


This morning we headed north to Barry's Bay to enjoy the classic snowmobile show. This has been a perfect winter for those riding these unique machines and oh how they have changed since we rode them back in the 60's.

Jack had one of these and we loved to take it out on the trails and open it up. No regulations back then, no helmet needed, no trail fee imposed, just jump on and ride forever.

Even Massey Ferguson the farm implement manufacturer was building snowmobiles back in the 70's. Woody Schouldice would lend us two whenever we took the kids from St Paul's church on a winter retreat. Those machines made it possible for us to get back into the camp in the middle of winter.

Never saw one of these but looks like fun; a ski with a motor. Note the gas tank is actually the orange frame.

Now this looks classic, and very basic, but it worked and got people around. It's a 1962 Snow-traveler by Polaris. No front suspension, motor in the rear and an exposed pulley system that could easily grab a scarf.  These machines have come a long way in 55 years.

Two more from the early 60's. Primitive by today's standards.

It was fun to see the old machines and they brought back memories of days spent riding them up in Deep River.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Safe travels everyone.

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  1. Art, I remember those winter retreats in the north and the ride in on the snowmobile. Those are wonderful memories!!