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Saturday 30 May 2020


Our gardens are in full production now.

Every morning we are able to pick 180 - 290 grams (1/4 to 1/2 pound) of mixed greens for lunch.

Bug shirts are still needed as the black flies are everywhere.

Beets, lettuce, spinach, onions growing in the same bed, waiting their turn to be picked; some aren't quite ready. We are amazed at how much produce we can grow in such a small space.

Looks like the carrots are ready to be thinned out. Mary planted three varieties and we are curious to see which ones we prefer. It will be September before we are pulling carrots to eat. They actually taste better after a light frost.

Our tomato plants are healthy and showing new growth. We will have to give them extra protection tonight as it is going down to 2*C.

Our mixed garden greens ready for our salad today.

I think it has been a week since we've gone to the grocery store. With more produce available in our gardens we have fewer reasons to shop in town.

Stay safe everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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