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Wednesday 13 May 2020


Sherri gave us some dogwood and currant bushes so Tuesday we spent the morning adding them to our gardens down by the pond.

The elderberry bushes we planted 3 years ago all have new sideshoots which is a good sign. Last year we picked 4 pounds or 1.8 kg of berries from 6 little bushes; this year we hope to double that harvest.

To plant the dogwood we simply opened the soil with the spade, inserted the stem and repacked the soil with our boots; simple, easy and successful.

The currant bushes came with an extensive root system so a proper hole had to be dug. I was impressed with the depth and health of the soil.

The pussy willows we collected a month ago finally got planted at the north end of the garden. Mary's dad grew pussy willows so this is a garden in his memory.

While Mary finished up in the gardens I went looking for a suitable tree to use as a beam in the chicken coop. Once I get the old roof completely removed I will use the bobcat to lift this beam into place.

It was a successful start to the day and we still had some energy to complete more garden work up by the house. When the sun is shining and the bugs are still hibernating we work.

Thanks for stopping by everyone and keeping an eye on us.

Safe travels and stay healthy.

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