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Tuesday 3 March 2020


Yesterday morning we decided to take a walk down to the lake. Our driveway was a challenge as it had iced up over the night. Mary and Maggie very cautiously slid and stepped their way down to the road. Yes they were wearing "clickers" and using a walking pole but it was still step, slid and step again.

Frankie enjoyed the hike, snuggled against her mom, warm in her own snowsuit.

Missey was kept on a short leash as she is prone to catch a scent and run for hours. That's a situation we try to avoid up here as I'm past the age of running for hours.

Out on the lake it was easy walking on the snowmobile tracks.

It's been a perfect winter for those with snowmobiles as we've had plenty of snow and the lakes are safe to travel on. Stepping off the packed trail and one sinks up to their knees in snow. We still have another month or two of snowmobiling left.

What more could one ask for than time together and a walk in the sunshine.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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