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Tuesday 3 March 2020


Frankie arrived yesterday and we will have a few days together along with her parents. She has grown so much since we saw her a month ago. She is just four months old but qickly growing into her own wonderful personality. Today we will bundle her up and go for a hike down to the lake.

Missey is also here, happy to have new territory to explore.

 Sean and Maggie also brought our pottery creations. These we made at the "Play with Clay" store in Hamilton last month when we celebrated birthdays. Kate's heart shaped tresaure chest and Owen's tank were both well done. Matter of fact we were impressed with everyone's creation and how well they all trned out.

Today looks like a good day to go for a hike as it's to be mild and sunny.

I'm sure to have lots of family pictures later.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.


Frankie having a "Happy" morning on Oma's lap.

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