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Saturday 13 April 2019


It's been a busy week with appointments and jobs to complete but nothing very exciting to report. Life falls into a routine and each day is much like the one before. Many folks are busy with maple syrup; Mary is busy with seedlings.

Some of the seeds have grown too large for their original pots and need to be transplanted.

The tomato plants in particular have all got new homes in their own pots ready to move outside once the weather improves.

Each morning the pots start off in the east windows moving to the south locations in the afternoon. On cloudy days Mary puts them under grow lights which are those thin black strips you see in the second photo. They are LED grow lights very effective and drawing very little energy.

Our red fox meanders through once or twice a week. I suspect she has cubs in the den and is extra busy these days.

If you enlarge this photo you may see the hawk perched in the center. We watched her sit motionless for a while, then drop down and scoop up a mouse or vol.  We were too far away to tell the breed of hawk or what it actually caught.

The downy and harry woodpeckers continue to visit our feeders. Soon we will leave the feeders empty as there will be plenty of bugs for them to eat.

We've also noticed migratory birds at our feeders some mornings; another sign that spring is here and life is changing.

Now it's time for me to add some logs to the fire and enjoy breakfast.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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