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Thursday 25 April 2019


Today we will eat leaf greens and baby kale from our garden; well not technically from our garden but from our windowsill. Mary started these March 8th  and now they have grown big enough to consume. Another few weeks and we will be able to transplant them to the hotbed which we cover with plastic every night.

Tomato plants are also looking healthy and strong. They wont be transplanted until the risk of frost has passed.

Mary also planted several pots of basil which are also looking very healthy.

Today she moved her entire farm onto the deck for some sun and cooler temperatures.

Mary is anxious to get into the gardens, turn over the soil and get everything planted. Today we need to go and get more compost soil for our raised beds as well as some lumber to make a few more.

Hope your garden is just as productive as Mary's.

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