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Saturday, 30 December 2017


When you have a five year old in the house things are constantly under construction. Owen is always building, designing, or learning about new things to do up here in the bush.

This wooden highway appeared down the hall one afternoon. Wooden blocks have been a kids toy for generations and Owen still uses them for his own creativity.

Oma gave him some large sheets of paper so he could design the tree-fort he wants grandpa to build next summer. He also made a list of who was invited in and who had to stay out ....... dogs have to stay out.

This morning he is working on his telescope for his tree-fort. Yesterday he made a pulley and a basket so he could lift things up into the tree-fort rather than try and carry them.

Owen has spent many hours keeping the fire going.

Grandpa taught him how to load the firebox first thing in the morning so the house would soon warm up. (Note Owen's yellow flashlight just above his elbow)

Safety is very important so he knows to wear leather gloves when adding wood or paper.

Now it's time to get outside and hike down to the pond. Always something new to see and learn about. He has so many questions whenever we go for a walk.

We certainly are more active when Owen is here.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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