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Thursday 29 December 2016


Every day Mary gets a little stronger as the pain slowly subsides. Yesterday she wanted fresh homemade bread. Here the dough is ready for baking. It has been sitting in the basket called a "proofing basket" for an hour.

The dough is placed in a bowl covered with a cloth and allowed to rise in a warm room for three hours. It is then removed, folded and moved to the proofing basket to rise for another hour before being ready to bake. It takes all day but is so worth it.

Here the dough has been gently placed into a hot cast-iron pot ready to be baked at 475*F

An hour later you have this perfect loaf cooling on a rack filling the house with its delicious fragrance.

It exceeded our expectations in taste and texture, truly the best bread we've eaten in a long time. I think this is just the start of a new hobby for Mary.

Thanks for stopping by, time for another slice of bread.


  1. Good for you Mary and I can almost smell it baking.

  2. HELLO Art and Mary. I tried calling the other day but had NO luck. Really want to get caught up on all your news. Is there a good time to call ?