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Saturday, 24 December 2016


A tradition my Mom started was cinnamon buns for breakfast Christmas morning. That alone was worth getting out of bed for.

Today we are making sourdough cinnamon buns, a first for us.

All the ingredients are carefully weighed, even the sea salt.

Eggs collected this morning were added.

Added by weight and not by number.

Sourdough, eggs, milk and sugar ready to be added to the dry ingredients.

I'll add more pictures once the dough is ready to be rolled out.

Update - 4:30 p.m.

The dough spent the day fermenting or whatever it does before we could actually roll it out. This afternoon we added the cinnamon and brown sugar

along with the cherries which I requested.

We now have two pans of eight buns each. One pan is in the fridge and will be baked tomorrow. The other was placed in a warm room for two hours of rising before we bake them. So, sometime around 7 pm we should be enjoying fresh out of the oven sourdough cinnamon buns.

If any survive the first assault I'll post a picture.

Until then I'm watching the clock.

1 comment:

  1. Yummy!! Are you having family to help you eat those delicious buns? Our family is coming so I cooked our turkey today so I can enjoy tomorrow with less stress.
    I trust you are feeling better Mary! I still praying for you.
    Love you guys and have a wonderful Christmas.