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Monday, 5 September 2016


I decided to make myself a job list to keep me focused while Mary is away. Unfortunately, this list isn't stagnate, it keeps growing. As I work on one job, I think of two others I need to add. Never unemployed around here.

Of course the first job every morning is to look after the chickens. After that it's up to the weather and my energy level which job gets tackled.

Today I decided to buck logs still in the forest since last winter.

I'm discovering that every job requires me to do four more before I actually get to the intended job. Bucking logs is a prime example.

I'm lazy I didn't feel like changing so I had to search and find my coveralls, which I last used back in February.

Next was sharpening the saw. I learned from Nathan that a sharp saw is a safe saw and take the time to keep it sharp.

Check the oil and add it to the gas. Don't forget to top up the chainsaw oil reservoir. Not done yet be I am getting closer to bucking those logs. 

I like my firewood all the same length so I took down a 50 ft measuring tape to mark out my cuts. Of course it wasn't a carpenter's tape so the 16 inch marking were not highlighted. Back up the hill to the house and search for something to use.

This paint rod is perfect. I won't lose it, I know where I store it and once marked it will last forever.  Great, another job done and I'm ready to buck wood.

Never let your chainsaw bite into the dirt, it dulls the tips faster than you can think. Well at least faster than I can think. Cut into the log, remove chainsaw, roll log, cut the rest of the way through. Of course I needed to cut down all the little saplings that have started to grow since I felled the tree back in January. 

Work, work, work, no wonder I'm so healthy or maybe just exhausted. 

Time to publish this and get back to .................. work. It is LABOUR DAY!

Where's that baby?

Enjoy the holiday and drive safely.

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  1. That is AT LEAST 4 jobs. You be careful out there with that sharp chainsaw... I think Paul will need some respite care and a getaway soon - he can do some labour with you. And WHERE IS THAT BABY??