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Friday 2 September 2016


Call it small town or country attitude it doesn't matter, it's different. Let me explain.

We've always had great neighbours, even when we lived in the city but get two or three doors down the street and we didn't even know our neighbours name. In the city it was always a rush, no time to chat, no time for your neighbour, always another place to go, job to do.

Yesterday we met the "egg man" We heard he sold free range eggs for $3.00 and so we called to see if we could get a dozen. We met him at the appointed time and place and got our eggs. But then something happened and we sat on his tailgate and chatted for 20 minutes. Chatted about eggs, chickens and life in the north, easy comfortable talk just getting to know each other.

Jimmy stopped by to got his eggs. Mary had to show him the elderberries we just picked and they chatted about picking elderberries back in England. Just friendly  chatter.

In the afternoon I went to get my truck. I had taken it in for an oil change and check over especially a close look at the brakes. I had forgotten to mention the extra fuel filter tucked up in the rear wheel well so we went out to get the number. While there I took Ian around to the front of the truck to ask if he could repair the mudflap, but to my surprised he had already done it. It just needed a bolt, a simple job but he saw the need and got it fixed. He told me the back one needed a new bracket, so he fixed that as well. Love our mechanics.

Our neighbours are just as thoughtful. They plow the laneway when we are away, bring meals when we are sick and drop off garden produce or jars of maple syrup when we are running low. Every visit comes with time to chat and get caught up on the local news. It's the country way of living; looking out for one another.

We should have moved here 30 years ago.


  1. What a wonderful experience you are having......just the way God intended for all of us. You are blessed indeed.

  2. I'll let you know when I get the results of my CTScan I'm having this morning. I'm feeling a little apprehensive but trusting the Lord.

  3. This is the kind of life style we are looking forward to!