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Sunday, 15 May 2016


Owen is into pirates these days and here he is checking out his pirate map. I was afraid the pirates hid my birthday presents and I would need the map to find them but that didn't happen.

Chasing pirates is exhausting so Owen and grandpa had a little nap.
Once the gang arrived the fun started. Looks like Oma is giving directions.
Every mom loves a hug from her son.
Owen helped decorate for the party. He was very particular where the decorations were hung.
Watching Leanne make pizzas. Thanks Leanne they were delicious.

Owen and dad checking out their pizza. Yummy!!!!

I think this was the twelfth pizza made. They just kept disappearing they were that good and we were that hungry.

And this disappeared just as quickly.

Thanks for a great party everyone. 

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