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Monday 11 April 2016


The house has become very quiet since Owen left. We miss his morning hugs as he climbed into bed and snuggled up against his Oma; we were spoiled.

I'm not posting as frequently these days and to be honest there just isn't a lot of new information to share. We have very easily slipped into this "off-grid" lifestyle and feel blessed to be living in such a rich and healthy environment.

Another reason is Mary's health. She has been suffering from back pain since last August. She tried chiropractic care, physio care but neither relieved the pain. Finally in December she sought the advice of her nurse practitioner (NP) 

For the next few months we were back and forth to Peterborough and Belleville getting MRIs, bone scan, Ultrasound, blood work, thermal imagining, you name it she had it.

Last week we met with the oncologist and he has referred her to a neurosurgeon at St. Michael's hospital in Toronto.

Mary has a couple of growths on her spine at L2; one is a hemingioma and just behind that another called a"meningioma". The vertebra is fractured there as well.

From our research it seems to be successfully treated with surgery but we won't know the plan of action until we meet with the neurosurgeon. 

Until then we are keeping our calendar cleared so we can go when they call. We won't be doing chickens or planting a garden as any activity that puts a strain on Mary's back is painful.

Fortunately Jamie and Leanne have offered a place to stay when we go to Toronto.

Our bags are backed and we are just waiting for the phone to ring.

Until then, things might be quiet here for a while.

Once we have a date and plan we will pass on the news.

Thanks for keeping an eye on us. Safe travels everyone.

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