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Sunday, 21 February 2016


We love watching the birds fly in and out of our bird feeders. Nuthatches, chickadees, finches and pine-siskins, along with Downy and Harry woodpeckers visit us daily. Right now as I type we have about 100 pine-siskins on the feeders.

Can you see the hole? This is what our friendly Pilated woodpecker is doing to our beloved maple trees. I suspect he is after the sap which maybe is there on a mild winter day. 

You will need to click on the above picture to see the row of small holes. These were drilled by a Yellow bellied sapsucker, once again into a maple tree. As his name implies he is going after the sap and although the holes are small he is able to get his tongue in there and enjoy whatever sap he can find.

What to do about all the damage? Probably nothing. This is a forest, inhabited by many critters all looking for food, shelter and their own territory. Death is part of the life cycle and if the trees die they will provide food and shelter for those who come after. Dead trees are essential for the survival of so many, so we will let nature have her way and watch how things unfold.

Time for our morning hike.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Enjoying your write ups. The birds are such welcome visitors. We actually have hired a fellow to feed our birds while we are away. It wouldn't be fair to strand the after feeding them for so long. Anxious to hear more about Mary's discomfort. Glad to hear you are getting away for a break. Do enjoy your time south.