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Wednesday, 13 May 2015


We are about to give "Explornet" a try. We have been using Bell and the connection has been fine but we continually go over 10 GB a month which tends to get expensive with Bell. 

Explornet is a satellite internet service providing connections to homes and business in remote locations, we qualify.

Our data limit will move from 10GB to 40 GB for the same costs and that should be more than sufficient for us.

First job was to install the pole for the satellite dish. It was a simple job; did a hole 3 feet deep, set the pole in, pour in two bags of Kwick Set along with enough water, make sure the pole is straight and the job was done. 

We had to go with a pole mount as our roof is steel and they wont mount the dish on a steel roof.

It took a little negotiation to get Mary to agree to the final pole location. Sight line for the satellite connection was important as was Mary's gardens and the aesthetics of such a contraption next to her gardens. 

Now we just need to book the installation and then I'll report back on our experience with "Explornet".

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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