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Wednesday 11 March 2015


We have 44 trees tapped and yesterday was our first collection day. You can see we use whatever jugs we have collected over the past year. It is a simple process to unscrew the lid and dump the contents into a larger collection pail. 

We tried to reduce the number of bottles used but increased the number of trees tapped by running lines from several trees this year. This way we should end up with more maple syrup but have no further walking to get it. 

Walking from tree to tree is a challenge especially when you slip off the path and end up in deep snow. Soon you discover you have sap in the bucket and water in your boots.

Grand total was 17 litres, not enough to think about boiling but it is a start and now we have it in storage. Looks like it might be Thursday or Friday before we actually start to boil. 

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