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Tuesday 3 March 2015


We've been close but so far this year we haven't broken out above freezing yet. Although the days are getting longer and the sun doesn't set until almost 6 p.m. the temperatures just can't get over the zero.

Rather than risk a collapsed roof  I decided to clear the snow from our trailer. It's an easy job using a snow rake and a little effort, the snow came off very easily.

These sunny days make walking so  much more enjoyable and we try to get a couple of miles in every day. The late afternoon sun casts long shadows across the road painting a beautiful picture to walk through.

Out on the lake not one fisherman was seen. This has been a good year for ice-fishing as several 3-6 pound trout have been caught.

This picture gives you an idea just how deep the snow is. If you are reading this from the sunny south; don't rush home. 

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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