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Monday, 11 October 2010

New Numbers

Mary is still sick with a sore throat so we have delayed our trip to Bancroft. A few days ago, when we both had the energy, we did a few small jobs on the "Tylenol Wagon" (my name for our Airstream trailer). We joined the WBCCI this summer, which gives us access to Airstream Parks in the USA at reduced rates. As a member you are assigned  a number which must be displayed according to instructions on the front and back of the trailer. With a little patience and perseverance we managed to get the job done in a respectable manner. What do you think?

Now some of you might be wondering why I call it the "Tylenol Wagon". Most people call it the "Silver bullet" for obvious reasons, but I've never embraced the obvious. Lets consider for a moment "Tylenol". Why is it such a popular drug? Does the job, gets rid of pain, helps me sleep, etc, etc, etc.
Well our "Airstream" does all that and more. It takes us to places we've only read about, transports us in total comfort, allows us to stop and eat or rest whenever the mood strikes and we can stay away for days without needing any hook-ups. Isn't that better than drugs? It sure is for us and we plan to be drug free but trailer rich for many years to come.

So watch for #3199 going down the road and if you see us please wave. The "Airstream" community is a friendly, helpful gang and they are always there to help fellow travellers.

Need help in your campsite? Just open the hood to your truck and in a few minutes you will be surrounded by helpful "Airstreamers"

While I'm on the topic of "helpful", Yvan wrote today about needing to secure my tarps covering my Bobcat. He offered to go around and do it if we couldn't get up north. Now that's helpful and the type of community spirit we believe should exist in every community in Canada. Thanks Yvan, your help is appreciated.

See you down the road, Sherri, Sean & Leanne.

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