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Friday, 15 October 2010


Yesterday Mary & I made a quick dash up to Bancroft. Of course it was raining. Do we travel in any other type of weather? Our first stop was the "Golden Arches" for coffee, not for me then on to the 407 and up through Port Perry, to Peterborough where we dropped our trailer ts Marvin & Annie's, thanks guys.
We stopped to stretch our legs in Port Perry and before we were out of the truck for two minutes a car pulled up, the window rolled down and a very friendly couple introduced themselves. Total strangers, just wanting to say Hi & welcome to the Airstream way of travel. Now, needless to say, they made our day. How kind and thoughtful to follow us and say hi and welcome; just goes to show you that community is more than just a spot on a map.
This picture is for Casey who wanted to know about firewood. See those trees lying down to the right of the blue tarps? FIREWOOD! Just let me know when you can come and get it.

It was raining and most of the leaves were on the ground, but it still looked beautiful to us. Can't wait to have our house up and a fire burning in the wood stove.
Have a great weekend. See you Monday

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  1. Love that strangers pulled up and said Hi, very cool. I to am looking forward to a house and fireplace to come visit.