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Saturday, 16 May 2020


An extra pair of hands come in handy when you are faced with heavy work and demanding tasks. First step was getting the last of the roof off the old chicken coop.

Jamie was here to help direct as I brought the beam over to the coop.

Almost in position and with a little muscle and a tug on the rope Jamie was able to set the beam down just where I wanted it.

Next we need to get two supporting poles in place as the span is over 24 ft or 7.3 meters. Once that is done I'll be ready for a new roof. This was a job way beyond the capacity of the two of us but with Jamie's help it became doable.  Mary took the pictures and kept an eye on the other end, making sure we didn't knock anything over. Another successful job. Thanks Jamie.

This morning we are watching these Northern Orioles enjoy our feeders.

Stay safe and well everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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