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Wednesday, 2 August 2017


This has been the perfect summer for a garden, warm with plenty of moisture. Our gardens are doing very well.

We use netting to keep the deer from enjoying all the greens. Haven't see any deer but this guy comes around regularly.

He has a routine and follows the same route regularly. Usually around 3 he shows up outside our window.

Judging from his size I think he is a first year kit, just learning the skills to survive on his own. He covers a lot of territory but seldom finds what he is looking for.

Tomorrow looks like another wet day so no need to get the garden hose out.

Stay dry and enjoy the day.

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  1. Your gardens are looking wonderful. The rain has been helpful in that regard. Still would like some hot sunny days to ripen things like tomatoes. Love the young fox patrolling your property. Busy with my Mother here again as well as the little ones off and on. Can't believe Mason (4) heads off to Jr.Kindergarten very shortly. How the time flies. Always enjoy taking a peek at your posts.