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Sunday 8 November 2020



Yesterday we gathered in Hamilton to celebrate this little girl's first birthday. The weather was a balmy 21*C, very unusual for this time of year but a perfect setting for a perfect little girl's party.

I think Frankie was more interested in the cards and paper than the actual gifts. We gathered in a park and everyone tried their best to keep their social distance; a few even wore masks.

Jamie was kind enough to look after Pennny as she was very excited with so many people around.

The best part of any gathering are the hugs from the grandkids, priceless.

Second best part was the food, delicious cupcakes made by Maggie.

Penny did eventually calm down and spent time resting with Mary..

While Penny rested, Frankie went aroud meeting family and friends all on her own.. She is doing just fine with her new mobility, even climbs the stairs at home.

Owen and Kate are getting more relaxed aroud Penny and Owen is very confident  taking her for walks

Thanks Sean and Maggie for  a woderful day and a wonderful little granddaughter. I hope we can be outside in our shorts and T-shirts for Frankie's birthday every year.

Thanks for stopping by everyone and stay safe and well.

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