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Thursday 1 October 2020



Still lots of colour in our bush but about 30% of the leaves have fallen.

Last week Leanne came for a four day visit and it was wonderful to have her here. When she got home she learned that a friend was sick and being tested for the Covid-19 virus. That was a concern for Leanne as well as us. It took four days but the results came back negative today.  It was a wakeup call and a reminder of how easy this virus can spread.

This little guy doesn't have to worry about Covid-19 but we do.

Stay safe and well everyone and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Glad the results were negative.
    Thank you for sharing your story via your blog.

  2. Beautiful photos!!! So grateful to hear results were negative! I've had several extended family members catch covid and it's a horrible virus. I'm afraid at least one has long term damage. You are wise to be cautious!

  3. Thanks Julia;
    It was a wakeup call and we are now more vigilant with following the guidelines established by our health providers. Thanks for sharing your own experience. Stay safe and well.