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Monday 14 September 2020



Yesterday we celebrated Kate's birthday. She actually turns four today but we all got together yesterday.

Sherri made a delicious chocolate cake that Kate requested. She is just like her grandpa; loves chocolate. Looks like Owen and Frankie are helping Kate blow out the candles.

Next it was time to open the gifts. Owen was such a big help looking after his sister.

Every gift was met with the same enthusiastic, delighted response and every giver was hugged and thanked by Kate. She so appreciated all that was done for her.

Oma's gift went right up to Kate's bed and kept her warm and cozy last night. It's a beautiful quilt perfect for Kate's room. Homemade quilts are treasured heirlooms in our family and having one made by your Oma makes it extra special.

After all the cake and excitement it was time to take Penny outside and relax with the birthday girl.

Thanks everyone, especially Sherri for her delicious cake which she so kindly sent home with grandpa.


  1. It was so wonderful to have everyone over and I love how Frankie is totally reaching for the cake! haha

  2. Happy birthday ; it looks like fun!😃

  3. What a gorgeous quilt!!! Your wife is one extraordinary lady!! And what a wonderful day with beautiful family 🥰

  4. Thanks Julia;
    Mary enjoys quilting especially for the grandkids. We had to include a "Quilting Room" when we designed our house.
    Thanks for the kind words and for keeping an eye on us.
    Stay safe and well.

  5. Art, I sleep under a quilt my mother made for me and have quilts from my grandmother and great grandmother. I aspire to quilting but so far haven't gotten farther than purchasing fabric. I've used up much of my small stash making masks for family and friends so now I have an excuse to buy more! 🤣

    I would love to see more of Mary's quilts some time if you are so inclined. I hope you don't mind me checking in, I think you two have crafted a beautiful life and it gives me material to dream about when my boys have grown and spread their wings. I would love to build an off grid straw bale home with passive heating and solar. Dreams 🥰
    I hope you both stay safe as well!

  6. Hi Julia;
    Yes, Mary has talent and does beautiful work. Her best I think is her "owl" quilt; not sure if I've posted that picture.
    We considered a straw bale home and there are some in the area. We visted one and found it dark and damp; maybe it was the day but it put us off. Our home is bright and comfortable regardless of the weather outside, so be sure to do lots of research before you decide. Nice to have dreams and I hope someday they all come true. All the best to you and stay safe in these challenging times.