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Thursday 30 April 2020


When it's cold and wet outside it's good to have a craft day with Oma.

Yesterday she painted faces; today she's painting her nails. Every little girl like painted nails.

After lunch Oma needed some quiet time so I took the kids to the park for a bike ride.

Kate did very well trying to keep up with her brother.

We did have to share the trail with an ATV rider but the kids were good and gave him lots of room.

The trail meanders around the park and Kate never complained about the bumpy ride.

She did stop often to throw stones into the river.  So easy to entertain little grandchildren.

This rock was the perfect stop to end our ride.

Brother and sister on top of the world.

We are so blessed by the time we can spend together. They bring such joy into our lives.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. How is it they became such big kids in the few days they have been with you! What a great adventure day on the bike, did you ride yours?