This blog is about our travels in our solar powered "Airstream" and living off grid, in our passive solar home, near Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.

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Wednesday 5 February 2020


We are humbled by all the kind comments people from all over the world have submitted about our home and lifestyle off-grid here in Bancroft. If you would like more information about the house construction you can check out our blog entries from August and September 2011-2012

Also our architect Solares Archictecture have posted technical information on their web site. Click  HERE to read that information.

Thanks for visiting and safe travels everyone.


  1. I just saw the YouTube video on yr wonderful home! If my health were better, I'd do it in a heartbeat!
    Unfortunately, we are getting older. Hubster will be 70 in less than 2 yrs. I've been sick for 40 yrs & I cannot ask him to take on more work. But, blessings to you, both. I so enjoyed how obviously close you are & how considerate. You've got a good husband, Mary, as Art has a good wife. Reminds me of my husband & I. I wish you continued health & well being.

    1. Wishing you health and happiness. Thank you for your kind words.