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Sunday 22 December 2019


We all  gathered in Hamilton yesterday for the "Kelly" Christmas. Of course the grandkids were the center of attention, everyone taking pictures of Frankie as we all took turns giving her the cuddles.

Like all family gatherings, food was essential and Sean decided it would be a Spanish theme this year. He made  PAELLA   which was so tasty.

No shortage of delicious food as everyone brought their favourite dish to add to the meal.

Contrary to her facial expressions Kate did enjoy the food. She just prefers  the chocolate candies in her treat box; must have her grandfather's genes.

After lunch it was time to open gifts; the best part of getting together according to Owen.

Owen reading his book to daddy.

A gentle touch warms the heart and Kate sure can melt our hearts.

Frankie happy in Owen's arms.

Sherri made PJs for all the kids so we had to get a group shot  We love our grand-kids.

Too soon the party was over and time for kisses before leavimg. Looks like Kate kissed Missy. She loves dogs.

Thanks everyoe for a wonderful time, delicious food, and some great memories.

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