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Tuesday 29 October 2019


We have 16 batteries which are a year old and store the energy produced by our solar panels. I read from one OTG person that if you rotate your batteries they last longer; something about current flow and position in the battery bank.

My batteries sit 4 to a cart with the idea being that |I could easily rotate them when desired. Of course each battery weighs 90 lbs which means moving 360 lbs all at once. Add to this the wheels I used all came with brakes which aggravates the process when they get accidentally applied.

So I got busy, removing all the cables, lifting each battery off the cart, removing the brake lever on each wheel, moving the cart and then replacing the batteries. In the future I can leave the batteries on the cart which will simplify the whole process. In total it took me 3 hours.

It will be a few years before I can say if this really does lengthen the battery life, but why not try?

I think our job list has been completed and now we just need to drain the water lines and put antifreeze in the drains.  Once that is done we will hit the road and report when we can on our travels south.

Thanks for keeping an eye on us and we will check in a.s.a.p.

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