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Tuesday 30 July 2019


Yesterday I used the GO system to get to Toronto. It's comfortable, reliable and a cheap way for seniors to get around. My appointment was for 11:15 a.m. at the Princes Margaret Hospital and it
meant leaving Bancroft at 5 a.m. I could have left at 6 but that would get me into Union Station at 10:40 and then I would still have a 30 minute walk to the hospital.

At 6:50 I boarded the bus in Peterborough to begin my journey. They use double decker buses and we reached Oshawa by 7:55. You have a great view of the countryside from the upper deck and there were lots of seats to choose from.

From Oshawa to Toronto we boarded a train for the one hour ride. It too uses double decker cars and the train was on time. Total cost for the ride from Peterborough to Toronto was $10.75 for seniors.

We arrived at Union Station at 8:55 right on time which gave me lots of time to relax before my 11:10 appointment. It had been a while since I was in Toronto so I enjoyed the views on a perfectly fine summer day.

Stepping outside one is greeted by the Royal York Hotel an iconic landmark which dominated the landscape when I was a kid but has since disappeared in a sea of modern office buildings and condos.

Looking west another landmark greets the visitor the CN tower built way back in 1976. Go to the top for a great view of the Toronto skyline as well as having a meal on top of the city. Today you could see Buffalo across Lake Ontario.

Appointment over and heading home we passed through another venerable city landmark the "Distillery District" It too is undergoing major rejuvenation as they no longer brew whisky here. This was designated a World Heritage site in 1988 so well worth a visit next time you are in Toronto.

Today will be a stay at home day as I need to split more wood for winter. Hard to believe we are thinking winter in the middle of summer.

Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by.

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