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Friday 21 June 2019


I've been researching the "Keto" and "Banting" way of eating and purchased The Real Meal Revolution to better understand this whole LCHF approach to healthy living. This really isn't a new approach to eating as it was advocated by William Banting back in 1862 after he lost weight on a Low Carb diet. He was so impressed that he went and self-published the first "diet" booklet calling it: Letter of Corpulence, Addressed to the Public.

This morning I chose the  Kale with Chorizo and Eggs for breakfast. It was delicious, nutritious and should hold us until at least 4 pm when we will have an early supper of Haddock and cauliflower also from the same book.

Naturally Mary was delighted that I was actually preparing a full meal, in the kitchen and she was impressed at how tasty it was. It was also a delight to simply step outside and pick all the kale necessary for this very savoury meal. I'm sure we will have it again soon.

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