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Friday 9 November 2018


After seventeen years Mary's sewing machine stopped working. We checked the manual and started cleaning every opening we could find.

Can you see the pile of fibers? That's what we found before we opened the machine.

Once inside we discovered even more mess.

Once everything was cleaned we put it back together and plugged it in. Guess what happened? ........................ nothing. So after lunch it's off to the service man. Unfortunately he already has 30 machine waiting his attention.

4:30 pm UPDATE

Mary's little machine needs a new motor. Denise (service man) said it will be at least two weeks before he gets the part.

Time to find a different project.


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    1. Yes and I do have my very first Janome. The feed dogs don’t go down so I can’t quilt on it but it does sew neat, straight I can at least continue constructing. Sooo many projects!