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Tuesday 18 September 2018


Last week Mary took a quilting class from David Taylor in New Hampshire. On the way down we needed a campsite for one night and stayed here by Lake Champlain. I don't usually stay in private campgrounds but this one was so clean and quiet we stayed here again on the way home.

The next night we were in a National Forest campground just outside of Waterville Valley. Once again quiet but no electricity or showers. Surprisingly there was only one other campsite occupied.

Early the next morning Mary booked into the Silver Fox Inn where the week long quilting workshop was being held.

Look at the smile on her face. Can you tell she is delighted to be here. Click HERE to learn more about David Taylor and his quilt classes.

Once I had Mary unloaded and all her fabrics and sewing material safely in her room I headed off to find my own campsite for the week.

More on that tomorrow.

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