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Friday 13 July 2018


It's been a busy week. I had to go to Peterborough for a doctor's appointment so left early to avoid delays. They are re-surfacing long sections of highway 28 and Mary had been delayed for forty minutes when she came through last week. I wanted to avoid that.

All was quiet on the road and even the little village of Lakefield wasn't very active when I drove through.

First stop in Peterborough was the scrap yard. Our batteries need replacing so it's time to take the dead ones to the scrapyard.  These batteries weigh one hundred and ten pounds each so I was glad the guys in the yard helped with the unloading.

While I was in Peterborough Mary was busy making some wall hangings. This ocean view will be followed by one from the mountains.  This was all done with fabric and I was so impressed.

Wednesday night is music night in the park. The weather was perfect and the local talent was most enjoyable. This is held throughout the summer, highlighting local talent and it's free for everyone.

Yesterday while weed-wacking I inadvertently kicked a stone and this happened. Nice pattern on the window but not the way to enjoy the view. It's a large, safety glass window so it won't be cheap to replace. I sent an e-mail to the manufacture but haven't heard back yet. Oh well, nothing lasts forever, at least not when I have a tool in my hand.

Enjoy your day and safe travels everyone.

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  1. Mary, I love your quilt!! You never cease to amaze me with you artistic ability! Thanks for sharing Art!