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Monday, 26 March 2018


Maple syrup production is totally dependent on the weather and the past few weeks have not been favourable. Yesterday that changed. We were busy outside all day and it felt good.

Our system is about as basic as you can get and yet still get decent maple syrup. As you can see a few frying pans, a couple of turkey pans and finally a small commercial evaporator and we are in business.

Mary collects the sap .....................

and makes sure the pans have sufficient sap as they boil away for hours.

We use 4 litre plastic jugs the type distilled water comes in. We drill a hole in the lid to accommodate the tube and this helps keep any debris out.

There is always work to be done, checking the fire, adjusting the sap levels, collecting sap, drinking the sweet syrup before we bottle it.

Other times we simply enjoy the sunshine and the moment.

Today we will finish boiling down this sap and bottle it. I don't think we will be boiling again until Tuesday.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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