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Friday, 3 November 2017


Had to get the umbrella out today ........... too much sun yesterday. Woke up this morning looking like the red lobster, so extra protection was needed on the beach; long sleeves, umbrella, sunblock all made for a safer day.

Tomorrow these beaches will be full. The temperature is forecast to be 21*C which will bring the crowds down to the water. Right now it is 26 out but feels like 30.

This trawler has been busy dredging the channel and depositing the sand along our shoreline. This must be a constant battle as we saw him here two years ago.

This afternoon it got much windier and the waves were rolling in constantly. Great weather for surfers.

One more week then we have to leave. We can't believe how warm our days have been and how much time we've spent on the beach. Hoping for more of the same next week.

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