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Wednesday, 11 October 2017


We had a lovely weekend with family and did some morning walks with Carol and Don. They fed us well and made sure we got some exercise each day. At our age it is too easy to spend the day sitting.

Monday we celebrated Thanksgiving in Burlington at Margaret and Andrew's place.

This wee one is now mobile and never still long enough to get a good picture.

Uncle Paul gave Owen and Lionel instructions on a LEGO set he brought.

Even Kate got in on the LEGO but seems more focused on Uncle Sean at the moment.

Kate did sit for a few seconds on her cousin Minna's lap.

But only for a minute as the sound of water was too enticing not to investigate and try and drink.

While Kate was playing in the water, Owen and Lionel were having fun squeezing Minn'a fingers with their LEGO wrenches. Great to have an older cousin.

Before heading home Owen had a few minutes at the local playground.  Playground equipment has come a long way from swings and teeter-totters of my youth.

Now we are home filled with good food and wonderful memories.

Thanks everyone.

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  1. What better way to spend a holiday than having family around. Kate and Owen are sure growing!!
    We had everyone here for Thanksgiving and it was wonderful. On the 21st we are going to Kitchener to celebrate Gord’s 80th which I can hardly believe we’ve made it to!