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Sunday, 15 February 2015


Some people think since we are not connected to the electrical grid our electricity is free. Not true.

There is the considerable up front cost of purchasing all the equipment and then having it professionally installed according to code.

Then there is the replacement cost as batteries fail, chargers no longer charge or panels no longer convert the solar energy.

Finally there is maintenance service that must be done on a regular basis to maintain maximum performance.

One such service is snow removal. Even after a light dusting the snow must be removed if the panels are to function properly. If you didn't get time to do this before leaving for work then you have lost a day of solar charging. Not everyone is eager to leave the breakfast table and dash outside to clean the panels. 

Without proper service you wont have adequate power for very long. Before committing to "SOLAR" consider all that is required from you as the owner. No service truck is going to arrive to do your work unless you are ready to pay. SOLAR power isn't free but it does more than we expected and we know what our costs are without feeling shafted.

Lots to consider before choosing solar, just my thoughts.

Thanks Don for the use of your excellent photo; much appreciated.

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